Education loan


Education Loan

As we know that Education is very important for everyone in connection to improve our knowledge, way of living as well as social and economic status throughout life. Education helps people to get knowledge and improve the confidence level of all through life. It plays an important role in our career growth as well as in the personality. growth. Everyone wants to get a higher education, but can’t get it due to financial reasons. Those People wants to take higher education and Education has been getting costlier every year. People can complete their desire through an education loan. It covers up the basic course fee and other related expenses such as college accommodation exam and other miscellaneous charges.

⇨ Maximum Loan Amount - Upto ₹ 25,00,000.

⇨ Maximum Loan Repayment Term - Upto 25 Years.

⇨ Rate of Interest - 10.25 %*

⇨ Please Note : Repayment starts after the student gets engaged in some job and after he gets his first salary or 3 months after his course ends.