Business Loan


Business Loan

Business loans have an average risk financial aid provided by banks and NBFCs in India. The priority of these is to support the urgent needs of your growing business. Most financial institutions offer term loans and flexi loans to cater to the business needs of a company. Business loans are also called commercial loans. Such types of business i.e. a sole proprietorship, privately held company, partnership firms, self-employed individuals and retailers can avail these loans. If one desirable for initiate one’s business loans can go a long way in meeting essential requirements such as business expansions, dealer and vendor financing etc. Given that these are provided without any collateral or security, it makes it like cut a cake to apply for a bank loan for business. Another attractive feature of business loan obtained by a company is that in the event of a loan default, the company can be liquidated to pay off the dues. Approaching a bank or NBFC for a business loan is a better proposition compared to seeking investment from venture capitalists. Probably VCs, banks do not ask for any equity dilution. Moreover, banks also structure loans depending on their unique requirements. Process of availing loan usually for getting funding is through a loan considering by banks as well as other financial institutions. Nowadays, avail a loan for business is not as easy as it was before. The financial-economic crisis that hit several years ago has made banks restrict lending to small businesses. It is therefore, very important for you to know the necessary steps for getting a business loan form a bank so you can improve your chance of getting an approval i.e. have a proper business plan, state how you want to spend your finances, state the amount of money you need, be keen on your credit score, clean up your credit report, assess all your lending options, keep proper financial records.

⇨ Maximum Loan Amount - Upto ₹ 1 Crore.

⇨ Maximum Loan Repayment Term - Upto 15 Years.

⇨ Rate of Interest - 7.25%*